Reaction score I will have to take it if I can get it, but I don't want it. As ever I think the worst thing about the Covid 19 situation is payout handling of it and this payout be a huge part of it. The money the government has is tax money. The Abenomasks is a fine example of how they squander it, handing it to rich people so their companies can make payout money gouging us for over-priced and even faulty items with no-bid contracts.

And that trend will continue. So what is this payment in essence? Payout a loan from your own money and payout will come with interest payout will jackpot to the government, which is already deep in debt. They could have removed sales tax and tariffs on essential items. They could have decreed a payout suspension of all rent and payout payments payout well as national health insurance and residence tax payments. But no, they did this, something that does not address individual needs at all but treats us if we are all in the same situation. Something that will take money just to implement.

Something that will increase debt. Will they just print more money next? So while its clear I don't approve, I also have no choice. I am going to take a huge financial hit and I am already living month to payout.

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